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Belichick Just Absolutely Dominated His Deflategate Press Conference



A+++. Surprisingly, wasn’t even the bad guy (and tbh that’s kind of unfortunate, would’ve loved from him to come out with a toothpick in his mouth and two middle fingers flying). But instead, he came out as wildly charismatic Bill rather than Razor Ramone Bill. Stepped up to the podium and spoke clearly, honestly, and apologetically. I honestly think you’re a crazy person if you didn’t believe Belichick there. Why would he have anything to do with the footballs? That’s Tom’s business. Also, anyone thinking he put it all on Brady is nuts. He just said he doesn’t deal with the footballs, he doesn’t. Yeah, Brady will have to answer some questions but all he has to do is step up to the mic with that cleft chin, flash that million watt smile, say he’s not sure how it happened and boom, controversy over. Well all go home and forget why we were even mad in the first place.  That’s how you dominate the media.


Now let’s talk Super Bowl because I’ve told you everything I know.




PS – So close. We were so close to hearing Tom’s personal preferences on his balls. Talk about my heaven.