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FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST...Bulls Hire Arturas Karnisovas To End The GarPax Reign

I can't believe it finally happened.

17 years. Some good, some bad. But, the end here these last couple years were just too bad to ignore. Bulls fans are a loyal bunch as they packed the UC during some hopeless years, but we've all finally had enough and let it be known this year. Whether it was not showing up to games, booing during the ASG, wearing 'FIRE GARPAX' shirts, or anything else we finally did it.

I'd be lying if I said that I know a ton about Arturas, but I do know that the Nuggets have been pretty damn impressive as of late. He seems to be a great Euro scout and he was part of the regime that fleeced us in the Doug McDermott deal.

Welcome to Chicago, Arturas. It can't be said enough how excited we are for some change.

Now please bring back some pride to 1901 W. Madison.