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I'm Obsessed With This Good Boy Who Delivers Wine To Customers During The Coronavirus

[Source] - While plenty of businesses are turning to curbside pickup or contactless delivery, Stone House Urban Winery may be the first to enlist a dog to help with social distancing. In mid-March, as fears about the novel coronavirus intensified, the Hagerstown, Md., winery invited its customers to place orders by phone. Soda Pup (Soda for short) would handle the deliveries.

Soda Pup! What a good boy! What a name! I'm obsessed with this dog. When this is all said and done with I'm going to hop in my car and drive right to Hagerstown, Maryland to give this good boy a bunch of boops. I'm not going to call him a hero, but he's pretty close to it. People need their alcohol during this quarantine and people need to be safe. How do you handle that? Just have a dog deliver you the wine. He's the best delivery guy I've seen too. Look at how serious he takes his job: 

That's a face that means business. That's a dog that deserves all the treats for tips too. You can't give a dog money, but there better be a couple pieces of cheese, some bones, whatever he wants. Watch that video. He's on a mission. Load up his bags with wine and head right out the door. No small talk, no funny business. Just get the job done. 

Shouts to Soda Pup. What a good boy.