Every Night At 7pm New Yorkers Cheer Out Their Windows For Nurses, Doctors & Healthcare Workers...And It Is LOUD

(h/t to Rayna from Girls Gotta Eat)

Pretty awesome tradition thats developed in New York over the last week. Everyone leaning out their windows, banging on pots and pans, hootin and hollering to let the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers know that they are appreciated it. Thats pretty fucking loud for just a collection of people in a big ass city deciding to cheer at a random time of the day. Thats a lot of people participating in a fun, thoughtful tradition for people who really deserve it. 

There has been so much misinformation, disinformation, hoaxes, lies, conspiracies and things lost in translation, its very hard to know who to listen to when it comes to corona virus. Its very hard to know whats real and whats not. So in some people's estimations, this is a hoax and all made up. According to what politicians you're listening to, you might hear two completely different accounts. Hell, even the doctors you're listening to at the podium - from Fauci to Birx to Adams - even their stories change as time goes on.

So I choose to listen to the people on the ground, in the middle of it, working 12 hour shifts in the hospitals. Those workers who willingly walk into a contained, contaminated, petri dish of a workspace. And what those people are telling you is that its a fucking nightmare. Those are the people that see first hand ICU's being overrun. They're the ones (hopefully) double and triple masked up, monitoring intubated patients who probably have no shot of survival. They're the ones that have to pick up the phone and give families grim updates because there's no visitors allowed. They're the people doing a 12 hour shift on their feet eating nothing but fucking bags of Doritos from the vending machines since you cant get any outside food delivered in. They are the ones I listen to in order to get a gauge on the severity of the situation. And their my answer when people say things like "hey KFC! how come you dont blog about heart disease! Or how many people die from automobile accidents!?" Uhhh because I've never heard doctors and nurses say that they are overwhelmed with car accident victims. I've never heard of such a flood of heart disease victims that high functioning hospitals are basically turned into M.A.S.H. units. When you hear it from them, you realize how bleak it can get from corona virus.

So, in turn, let them hear it from you. Hang your head out the window, whoop it up, and whack some pots and pans and let em know they are appreciated. Most of them are probably buried under patients right now but even seeing videos like this after the fact has gotta at least let them know they are acknowledged and all of us - whether you're sick or not...whether you know someone who is or not...whether you've been in the hospital or not - are forever indebted to them.