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Tyler Perry Paid For All The Groceries For The Elderly During Senior Hour At 73 Grocery Stores Across Atlanta And New Orleans

Page Six

Tyler Perry is giving back during the coronavirus pandemic by secretly picking up the tab for older shoppers at 73 grocery stores across Atlanta and New Orleans, a source confirmed to Page Six.

Perry, 50, picked two regional chains for his largesse: 44 Kroger stores in Atlanta, Georgia — his home state —  and 29 Winn-Dixie stores in New Orleans. As a number of chains are doing, the two retailers reserved special hours for elderly shoppers, Perry “targeted” the stores during that time.

You hear that? It's Rovell slamming his keyboard in rage trying to calculate the square root of Tyler Perry's net worth subtracting that from he amount of people who live in New Orleans and Atlanta dividing it by their GDP in hopes of finding out what a cheap scum Perry is that he didn't donate more to the elderly.  Only 73 stores? Only to the elderly during senior hour? Thanks but no thanks TP. This is like someone donating $30 to a local toy drive. 

In all seriousness what a move by Tyler Perry here. I can't imagine what it's like being a person over 65 right now and having to fear going to the grocery store just to stock up a little. I'm scared to do it and I'm in my mid-20s. Everyone is short on cash right now too so to find out Tyler Perry paid for your groceries as you check out must be unbelievable. Also, if I'm on line and got wind of Perry picking up the tab I'd say I forgot something and dip to go get like 10 other things. If he's buying you got to make it count!

P.S. Perry also went to a restaurant for takeout this weekend and reportedly left a $500 tip for each of the 42 employees. Just a quick $21,000 tip no biggie. What a hero.