Stephen A Smith Says Bill Belichick Should Be Suspended For One Full Year Because It's The Same Thing Sean Payton Did With BountyGate

Big surprise here, guys. Stephen A Smith fired up the hot take machine today. Did anyone expect that? Deflated balls are the same thing as encouraging injuring opposing players and ruining their livelihood. That makes sense. (And for the record, I don’t think Bountygate was bad. Those guys are millionaires trying to rip each other’s heads off anyway, they’re not going for an ACL because they might get 500 bucks from the bounty jar after the game.) But yeah, let’s suspend Belichick for a season because he MIGHT have been aware that some of the air happened to fall out of the Wilson. Moron. You’re a goddamn moron. Just give us our fine and leave us alone. Take it. I don’t fucking care. We’ve got some scheming to do for this little thing called the Super Bowl.




PS – I don’t think Belichick even ordered this. This is Brady’s business. Belichick probably knows Brady likes his balls a little softer but I don’t think there was some mastermind plot to deflate the balls for this one particular game. I’m sure they do it all the time and Bill stopped paying attention years ago because no one gives a shit.