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Anybody Who Thinks Deflategate Has Anything To Do With Football And Not Pure UnAdulterated Jealousy Is A Certified Moron




I keep saying the same shit over and over. Did the Pats deflate a couple footballs? Probably. Do I care? No. Should anybody care? No. is it cheating? No. Does every QB in the league alter footballs? Yes. Does anybody care when anybody else does it? No. If the NFL cared would they let each team bring their own footballs? No? Has Aaron Rodgers, Donovan McNabb, Brad Johnson all admitted they do the same thing? Yes. Does anybody care about any of them? No.

So why is this an issue? Because it’s us. That’s all there is too it. Same exact shit with Spygate. Multiple coaches and teams said they did the same thing with Spygate. Ditka, Schottenheimer, Jimmy Johnson etc. Eric Mangini just tattled like a little bitch because Belichick told him he wasn’t ready to become a head coach and then proceeded to shove his fist up his ass for 5 years straight years.  And I’m sure just like with Mangini whoever it was will be homeless and broke and out of football and beg for forgiveness and cry about how wrong they were.

This is the SAME exact thing here. Someobdy on the Colts was sick of getting their lungs ripped out time and time again. People saying D’qwell Jackson could tell the difference when he caught his INT except D’qqwell Jackson said he never said that.   This was an inside job.  Somebody who just couldn’t stand getting pushed around the ring anymore.  They knew they were going to complain before the game started. It all stems from people’s hatred of Belchick. He is arrogant. He is pompous. He doesn’t play grab ass. He’s the best coach who has ever lived. You can’t beat him on the field. You can’t stop the dynasty. The only thing other coaches/execs can do is run to the teacher and tattle. Big Bad Bill stuck me in a locker and stole my lunch money, boo hoo, bhoo hoo. Deflategate is a NON ISSUE.  It wasn’t that the Pats got caught.  It’s just they are so damn good people are reducing to this type of sniveling. Every QB in the league is saying they do it,but nobody cares.  This just gives sports writers, idiot loser fans like KFC and columnists a chance to take a shot at the crown. You can’t beat us on the field so you try to tarnish our legacy. Sour grapes plain and simple.  The Roman Empire lives on.



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