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CRAZY Video Of A Super Rich Car Collector Recklessly Driving And Crashing His Million Dollar Porsche In New York City While Allegedly High On Drugs

First of all, lets start with the obvious:

Hand up, I am not and never will be a car guy because my brain decided to garner its happiness by watching complete strangers play athletic events. Silly, I know. But hey, it works for me! Which is why these last few weeks of sportsless mumbo jumbo have caused me to think outside the box by doing things I usually wouldn't do like play with my kids or film myself as a different person every night until quarantine is over.


However our friend Ben Chen is apparently quite a car guy as well as a money guy and potentially even a drug guy.

NY Post- A luxury-car aficionado on a bender all but totaled his ultra-rare, million-dollar ride when he plowed it into parked vehicles in Hell’s Kitchen, cops said on Tuesday. Benjamin Chen, 33, was allegedly high on unspecified drugs and speeding his blue 2014 Gemballa Mirage GT south on 11th Avenue around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday when he started treating the limited-edition whip more like a bumper car.

He slammed into a parked and unoccupied white van near West 47th Street, but instead of sticking around to exchange information with the owner, he sputtered off so fast a portion of his hood appears to fly off from the wind, according to cops and video posted to Reddit. From there, Chen — who lives on West 42nd Street and 11th Avenue — smashed into three other empty parked cars before he was eventually cuffed at West 44th Street, police said.

Look, I get it. We are all losing our minds being cooped up at home during this lockdown and feel the need to get out to unwind. Granted, I'm sure Ben's New York City apartment(s) are roughly a zillion more square feet bigger than my middle class house buried deeeeeep in the New York suburbs. I can even understand picking out your finest Porsche and driving the city streets like its Gran Turismo Whatever since the only way we'll see the city's streets this empty again is if there's a nuclear bomb dropped or an I Am Legend scene takes place (honestly like a 50/50 in my book). But there is really no way to spinzone this as Ben Chen being a giant asshole, and trust me I get paid to spinzone moves made by the Knicks and Mets. 

Even though I'm not a gear head (slang for car guy) whose hearts probably broke watching that video, I do appreciate driving a fancy vehicle whenever I get behind the wheel (*in Grand Theft Auto). Which is why I'm going to go ahead and say that turning a Porsche into scrap metal and blasting that poor innocent bystander minivan like 30 yards was a dickhead move, even before I saw how much the Porsche was worth.

The banged-up Gemballa is apparently the most unique out of Chen’s lavish collection of luxury cars, according to a 2014 interview published by the duPont Registry Daily car blog, which details that Chen bought the blue ride — one of just 25 produced — in memory of his late dad. “

It’s heartbreaking. That’s a great car,” said Chris Scaturo, 32, a luxury-car salesman at Cloud Nine Exotics in Manhattan. “It’s a very rare car. Anybody who has an auto-enthusiast bone in their body would feel bad about what happened to that car. Scaturo, who has eight years of sales experience under his belt, estimates the car could easily sell for over a million bucks.

I still have cards that were worth $50 in the 90s sitting in screw cases even though they are now worth less than the screws. Meanwhile Benny Chen is out here turning himself into a crash test dummy in a million dollar ride that there are only 25 24 of on Earth that he bought in memory of his dad. Which I guess is sweet if your dad wants you to join him in the afterlife soon. 

But as someone that would rather not have Porsches flying around a city being choked out by a pandemic and bother cops trying to keep order in said city while avoiding catching the virus every time they deal with an idiot that left their house for fun, I would rather have Ben Chen drive whatever the nicest car in his fleet 2 fast 2 furiously 2 somewhere far, far away from here or just take a quick walk to what I imagine is a ridiculous roof patio of his apartment the next time he wants to get some sun. Or at least stay away from the minivans. That shit broke my heart as a proud van dad.

Almost as bad driving as us playing Mario Kart on Twitch.  Almost

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