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Big Cat and I Will Attempt To Tandem-Bike The Entire Perimeter Of Manhattan Next Friday To Raise Awareness For The Podcasting Industry

One of the great many side effects to the entire nation being put on pause due to this son of a bitch coronavirus, is that every single industry is hurting. Just the other day I read that many of our podcasting competitors have seen significant decline in downloads since the nationwide shutdown of most non-essential businesses began. Luckily PMT is still as strong as ever, but as iron sharpens iron, it is important for our rivals to remain strong throughout this as well. So in a effort to raise awareness for podcasts, next Friday me and Big Cat will be biking the entire 31-mile perimeter of the island of Manhattan on socialy distance-approved bike paths at 2:30 on a basically fixed gear rental-tandem bike to promote the entire podcasting industry. My buns of anarchy training has led me to this point, and now that peloton has supsended live classes I am left with no other option but to put these legs to good use. (The Over/Under is set at 4 hours).

Do you have a podcast you want to promote? Is there a podcast you listen to alot that you would like to support? Well all you have to do is go to the PMT itunes page, leave us a 5-star review, and then shout out ANY podcast you would like to promote in the text of the review. Dosen't matter what podcast your recommending, we are doing this for the good of the entire industry even if you are a direct competitor of ours or if you would like to promote a direct competitor of ours. If you want to recommend or roast PMT in the body of the review, that is your perogative but some things are bigger than sports, and the fraternity of the podcasting ecosystem is one of them. So if you're a C*mt*wn fan, a B*** S****** fan, a *p **rst fan, a ****** ******** fan, a ***** **** H**** fan, or a fan of any other podcast in the whole world, it doesnt matter, we are using our platform at PMT to promote the industry.

Sports Business Reporter Jake Marsh will be shouting out the various podcasts that you are helping to promote during our twitch and periscope streams (estimated* value of each free shoutout approx $75k) of the ride and we want to give some time to promoting YOUR favorite shows irregardless of whether or not that is Pardon My Take.


We will also be listening to various podcasts along the route to assist in the download and listener numbers in this hurting industry during these trying times. As humanitarian legend/crusader for justice/t-shirt slogan creator Ghandi said, "Be The Change You Want To See In The World" and thats why I am attempting to lead by example. See you out on the trail and follow along on the Pardon My Take twitch stream, and the Pardon My Take twitter account.