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The Carolina Panthers' Plea For Relevance Continues

That's cute — it really is. If I was a Panthers fan, that tweet would make me chuckle.

But it's emblematic of what the Panthers are: a yappy little chihuahua begging for the attention and approval of the big dogs of the NFC South. "Play with us! Play with us," they constantly whine, while the Falcons and Saints take care of real business.

I will accept and occasionally get bothered by trolling from Saints fans. They've won a Super Bowl and actually have a real rivalry with Atlanta. But the Carolina Panthers? What are we even talking about here? Since 2016, Carolina is 3-14 against the Falcons and Saints — 3-14!

The Panthers' social media manager did his or her job today. Never mind the fact that the similarities between the new Falcons uniforms and those of the Mean Machine from 'The Longest Yard' really end at the fact that they're both black with a red stripe, but whatever. It was a fine tweet.


You can say whatever you want about the Atlanta Falcons and their failure to win a Super Bowl in which they had a 25-point lead, but they're relevant — something the Panthers continue to dream about. Maybe one day, y'all. Just keep tweeting and we'll see what happens on the football field.