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This Packers Fan Who Got Attacked By An Owl Is Having the Worst Week Ever


Can you have a worse week than this guy? Just casually jogging to lose weight so he can slip into his Packers Superfan outfit only to be attacked by an Owl. Then he goes to Seattle and watches the Packers pull one of the greatest chokejobs in the history of football. Anybody else in the world probably just kills themselves. Luckily he’s from Wisconsin and I literally think it’s impossible for Wisconsin people to get upset about anything. Oh there is an Owl digging his talons into my brain?  That’s a shame…..Oh we just gave up 50 pts in the last 30 seconds of the NFC title game?  We’ll get em next time!  Seriously is there any other team on the planet where Mike McCarthy is still the head coach besides Green Bay? I was looking for the videos of all the angry fans and found none. Everybody was just like gee willikers…what a great game!