Next Month On Netflix: The Raccoon Whisperer

I'm under the belief that every person is born with their own sort of talent. For some it's obvious....LeBron James was born a phenomenal basketball player....Jimi Hendrix was born to play a guiter.....and this guy above was born to be a Racoon Whisperer:

He's looking DEEP into the soul of that raccoon to let it know he won't take no shit! 

Diving a bit deeper into this situation, the raccoon has been kept by a guy on Facebook named Isaih Spears:


He has kept the raccoon in a cage, after their mother supposedly didn't come back to get them:

He is properly feeding them:

And does not give one fuck about potentially getting rabies! He did NOT jump off the short bus, people!


He plans on keeping the raccoons it appears:

An absolutely wild (quite literally) story.