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Nick Saban's Wife Has Forced Him to Learn E-Mail While Quarantined

The world really is changing if Nick Saban is replying to e-mails now. Miss Terry is fed up.

For those of you not from the South or unfamiliar with Terry Saban, she could win a gubernatorial election in Alabama just as quickly as her husband could. She's revered around those parts. And she's apparently had about enough of answering all of Nick's e-mails.

I can only imagine what Nick Saban is like right now. Alabama is supposed to be gearing up for its spring game and instead he's holed up in his house with his family with absolutely no idea what to do with himself. The term "Football Guy" was practically invented for him. I can only imagine how near he is to insanity right now.

But now that Saban has learned e-mail, I'd wager he comes out of this deal the most social media savvy coach in all of college football. He's learning Twitter and Instagram and whatever else he can right now to be able to recruit remotely. the second Saban learns how to DM recruits on Insta, it's over for y'all.

He and the Alabama coaching staff have already begun the quarantine college football technology revolution by keeping tabs on their players with Apple Watches.

Technology or not, I'd love to get a glimpse into the Saban household during this time. Taking football away from Nick Saban probably isn't going well for anybody in that home right now.

Now we just need the Joey Mulinaro impression of Saban returning his first e-mails.