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Is Jeremy Roenick The Greatest Athlete On The Planet? You're Goddamn Right He Is

Quick little breakdown of that display of peak male performance we just witnessed there. JR just yammed a basketball like LeBron. Tossed some sauce like McDavid. Dribbled the footy like Ronaldo. Crushed a dinger like Trout. Hurdles. Cycling. Dangled the putting green like Happy Gilmore. A quick ab sesh that turned into getting pitted like Kelly Slater. And then made sure to cap it all off with a set for the booty. You can quarantine a lot of things in life but you can't quarantine that wagon JR is wheeling around. 

I'm sure there's no way this clip could ever get edited and come back to haunt him later. 

Only athlete who can even compete with him right now would be NHL '94 Jeremy Roenick. The undisputed GOAT. 

Sidenote: My god. JR's backyard is a work of art. Pure perfection right there.