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This Medford Lady Loves AFC Championship Gear. LOVES It.




Love the enthusiasm/drunkness, hate the purchase. Always wondered who bought that kind of stuff and the answer, of course, was awesome Massholes. I’m a little more logical and think two weeks ahead where that shirt will either become outdated to Super Bowl Champion shirts or it will become a horrible memory, so I don’t go for it. But maybe that just makes me a shitty fan. If I really cared about the team I’d slug some beers then drive to Modell’s and buy a shitload of AFC Champ gear. It’s the playoffs, after all. Gotta support the team. Let em know you’re out there.




PS – “We came…. RIGHT from our plaaaace of business” killed me. What place of business let’s you consume beers on the job? Does this chick work for Barstool?



PPS – I forgot, we also have shirts for sale. And they’re all timeless. Who knew?!


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