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I'm Pretty Sure Justin Fields Just Put Tate Martell In A Bodybag On Twitter

Swing and miss. Swing and miss..... Swing and miss............ where have I heard that before? 

Oh wait, I remember!

QB1 kept those read receipts!!! 

That's cold blooded murder. Justin Fields already took Tate's job......and then went undefeated*** in a record breaking Heisman finalist season. All while Tate Martell said he wasn't leaving, transferred out, then couldn't get on the field at Miami. What is Tate Martell even doing these days? Justin Fields made him irrelevant. He didn't need to pour more salt on the wound. He could've just won and moved on. He didn't have to be petty here. But I love it......

Anyone out there thinking that this was just some sort of crazy coincidence is an absolute moron and should lose their right to be on the internet. This is either some premeditated shit, or one of his boys came up with it on the course and he thought it was pretty funny. It reminds me of when Baker Mayfield went on Get Up earlier this winter and told Rex Ryan he "put his foot in his mouth" a lot last year. That doesn't just happen by chance. 

Can we get a wellness check on Tate Martell?