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John Prine Just Died, Everything Sucks

I'm going to make this quick tonight and get a more in depth blog up on John Prine tomorrow, but he's one of my dad's all time favorites. One of those guys he'd force me to listen to when I was really young.  Early on I hated his music because I was a pea brained 8 year old or whatever, but I eventually grew a great appreciation for him later in life. I'm sure we all have bands or artists like that. No idea if Rear Ad or anyone else has a blog lined up, but I know this one is gonna hit my dad hard which in turn will hit me hard. There's no doubt John Prine's fishin' and a whistlin' in heaven now.  

Biill Withers and John Prine in the same week. Goddamnit everything sucks. FUCK this virus