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The Seahawks Compare Their Struggles To Those Of Martin Luther King...Promptly Delete The Tweet. Must Not Understand Who They Are Up Against From A Social Media Perspective In the Superbowl




Hey Seattle you ain’t playing no Peyton Manning, diaper wearing, Denver Broncos anymore.   You tweet a picture of Russell Wilson crying like a little bitch and try to compare yourselves to Martin Luther King Junior I’m gonna see it.  You can’t delete that shit fast enough even if you deleted it before you published it.  Oh that makes no sense?  EXACTLY.   Welccome to the big leagues.

PS – Is their any more self righteous team in the league than the Seahawks?  Doug Baldwin screaming about how everybody counted them out and gives them no respect even though they were the Superbowl favorite coming into the playoffs. Now making it seem like coming back on the Packers is as important as the Civil Rights movement?    Luckily for America once again the Pats are there to take out the trash.