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You Thought The Coronavirus Was Gonna Stop Tiger Woods From Having A Champions Dinner During Masters Week? Think Again


That right here made my whole goddamn week and I'm not even kidding. We're all craving any sort of Masters content given that the tournament isn't happening (fingers crossed) for another 7 months or so and who delivers it? The one and only Boss Man himself, Tiger Woods. Ol Reliable. You thought a little global pandemic was gonna stop Tiger from having his Masters Champions dinner? Think again. Tradition is tradition and the Tuesday before the Masters the reigning champ hosts a dinner with all the past living champions. So basically Tiger's standing up to the coronavirus like the real life superhero he is and having one with the whole family tonight. What a thing of beauty. Look at that quarantine beard on Eldrick! Holy shit! That thing is fucking MAJESTIC. Quarantine Beard Tiger instantly becomes one of my all time favorite Tiger looks, right up there with Mac Daddy Santa. Not only is he rocking the quarantine beard but he's got the red mock neck under the green jacket and his kids are there with the dogs and it's just........don't cry Trent don't you do's just perfect. I love that man so much. Enjoy your Champions dinner, Tiger. You earned it.

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