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Chinese Mogul Wants To Buy The NY Times Because He's "Very Good At Working With Jews"

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(Source)Chen Guangbiao, a recycling magnate and one of China’s 400 richest people—and a high-profile philanthropist; he’s known for what he calls flashy philanthropy—recently announced his intention to buy the New York Times. But when Guangbiao, whose fortune was estimated at $740 million in 2012, was rebuffed by the Internet, he changed his tack: he checked to see if the Wall Street Journal was for sale. And why shouldn’t he own an American newspaper? After all, he boasts what is apparently the most important skill required to do so: he’s good at working with Jews. “I am very good at working with Jews,” he said.




I guess Jewish people are pretty upset about this but I don’t really see why? It’s just a resume builder. College degree, proficient with Xcel, works well with Jews. All things necessary in business, especially in NYC. It’s not like he said he hates them or something offensive like that, all he said is that he and the Chosen Ones get along. That’s not always the easiest thing to do and I’d say it’s probably noteworthy.


The big surprise in all of this though? That Chen doesn’t have it on his business card.

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You’ve got China Moral Leader on there but not “Friend of Jews”? C’mon man, prioritize.



PS – Yes that’s his real card.