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Founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey Is Donating A Measly $1 Billion To Fund Global COVID-19 Relief

What a JOKE. Only $1 Billion? That's all he can do? A measly 28% of his wealth? Disgusting. And it's all probably just a tax break for him anyway, right?. And what's going to happen when this flu thing is over? Shifting to world wide global health initiatives? 

Seriously though, what an awesome move from Jack. If you aren't sure what I was doing above, people got mad at Zuckerberg, a private citizen who is not required to do anything at all, for donating $25 million. 

I never understand people who bitch about citizens donating ginormous amounts of money. "It's just a cup of coffee to him, it's like me donating 2 dollars" isn't a valid comparison because I don't know a $25 million cup of coffee. Think about it more that way.

But Jack is going big on it, which is dope. And I love his reasoning:

He's made his billions, and now he wants to see it in action, and he realized there's no better time for that than now. Do some reading about global health issues, particularly with women and young girls, it's not the most pleasant thing you can read. 

So hey, a nice story in the middle of this pandemic. Sure the situation could be better, but Jack is now going to save more lives as a result. Good stuff.