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This Seems Like the Perfect Time to Check in with Babes for Trump 2020

I just realized it's been a little while since I've checked in on America's favorite politically engaged, highly informed and deeply engaged voting bloc, the Babes for Trump 2020 page on Instagram. With their candidate of choice embroiled in the (hopefully) lowest point of the toughest challenge (let us pray) of his time in office, with the economy bottoming out and chaos at the top of our Navy's chain of command, touching base with this League of Women Voters might be a good gauge of where the electorate on the whole is at. 

So it would appear Babes for Trump are still ...

Fully supportive of their guy.

Following the Covid-19 Task Force Guidelines.

Giving no fucks about snowflakes and safe spaces.

Exercising their 2A rights:

Standing for the flag.

Wearing their favorite color, Camo.

And of course, Making America Great Again.

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