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Who Has More Fairweather Fans? The Heat or The Seahawks?

Heat Fans Game 6 of NBA Finals


heatsfans4 heatfans2



Seattle Yesterday

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It’s a fair question right?    Like all you hear about is the 12th Man blah, blah,blah.  But the fact of the matter is about half the stadium left early yesterday and couldn’t get back in.    Miami Heat 101.   I guess it’s easy to yell and scream when you’re winning, but when you’re losing you just leave.  Is that how it goes?  Classic bandwagon fairweather fan behavior. The weird thing is the game never had a “game over” moment either which would cause people to flock to the aisles.   Yes the Packers were dominating, but there was still time.  The Packers just never put them away.  They never got that extra first down to end it.  It just looked bleak but the math on it never was impossible.  It’s the freaking NFC championship.  You’d think they’d stay till the end as long as there was a chance.  Nope.   The one thing I’ll say about Heat fans is at least they don’t pretend to be good fans.   Them leaving early is par for the course.  I just hate frauds and yesterday proved that Seahawk fans are frauds.