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The Colts May Never Play Football Again. (It's Still the God Damn 3rd Quarter And I Already Published This Blog)



(First things first.  I’d like to thank myself for having the foresight to book my superbowl trip 2.5 months ago.   Well played Dave.  Well played.)


That game was never in doubt.  The Colts stink.  One of the worst teams ever to appear in an AFC title game.  Just no business being on the same field with us.  But my god that was ugly.  I mean that’s the type of demolition job that can set back a franchise 50 years.  For all we know Andrew Luck may be out of the league in 2 years now.  You can’t just get your heart, lungs, guts ripped out like that and not have permanent scarring.  That was CIA level torture plain and simple.  Granted it shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody who was paying any attention to what I was saying all week.  I’m not even bragging.  Anybody who knows anything about football knew this. It was an absolute no brainer.    Still you can’t downplay the achievement.  This is Brady and Belichicks 6th superbowl.   Just an unreal stat.  Unreal.   Now it’s time to finish the job.    Arizona here we come.   Let’s turn that place into Masshole West!


Now somebody do me a favor and cue the music!