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Lukas Nelson (Willie Nelson's Son) Has Been Doing Some INCREDIBLE Quarantine Covers Worth Your Time

I've been banging the Lukas Nelson drum for a pretty long time now on the blog, but folks - I ain't stoppin any time soon. 

There is just an unbelievable amount of talent, charisma, and passion running through this dude's veins and it comes through in each and every note he sings and each and every note he strums. Lotta that probably has to do with his DNA and upbringing, but he's just got that "it" factor you can't fake. 

I've seen Lukas and his band, 'Promise of the Real', twice live now, and he's like part Willie Nelson, part Neil Young (who he formerly played in the band of), part Tom Petty, and part Stevie Ray Vaughn - which makes for an amazing product. Truly some of the best live shows I've ever seen. Highly recommend getting into him during quarantine.

Oh, and this final one isn't a cover - it's an original off his last record - but I think you'll enjoy it anyway...

Willie da GOAT