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I Miss Bars

Today on KFC Radio we got way too romantic about bars, even though they're very romantic places, to the point we might want to look into checking out a facility. Listen here.

Everyone is drinking a lot right now. Alcohol sales are up god knows how much (it’s not god knows how much, there’s a number, you can easily find it I'm sure. I just don’t feel like looking it up) because the whole world is getting drunk at home. It’s fun, there’s no doubt. I’m being a mixologist in my kitchen while my mom gives me pointers and I’m having beers with my dad on a Tuesday night while we watch TV, they’re weird and fun experiences most 31 year olds would never have and I’m grateful for them.

But FUCK do I miss bars. I don’t miss clubs, I don’t miss parties, I miss bars. I miss that feeling of walking into a dimly lit room, lined with alcohol, and knowing exactly what you’re about to do. I miss friends asking me to go out for a beer and me pretending I might not. I miss the strangers, most of whom you’ll never talk to, who you form an unspoken kinship with just by being belly-up. I miss the sense of camaraderie that you have when everyone understands, “Hey guys we’re here to get drunk today.” I miss walking by a bar, unsure if you should go in, then opening the door and throwing your whole fucking weekend in the trash. I miss listening to dudes with a guitar and a grainy voice sing cover songs. I miss talking to bartenders, watching games I don’t care about, and asking what song that is playing through the speakers. I miss the foggy hug and goodbye on a street corner at an hour when you know you should be in bed. I miss overpaying for drinks and I miss overtipping for subpar service. 

There’s just something special about being in a bar. Throughout history it’s been a community’s gathering place. It’s where you go when you’ve got nothing else to do, when the clock has been punched and you’ve finally got your freedom. We don’t have that anymore. There’s no public house to escape to, no pints to pour, and no cheers to toast. There’s nothing to celebrate and there’s nothing to wallow about. Not together, at least. 

But that’s what the bar is, it’s the community of people who don’t know each other but are still connected.

No one misses the neighborhood juice bar, or a coffee shop, or a bakery, because there’s nothing special about them. But the right bars have a sense of sad happiness that can’t be replicated. Loads of people sitting there understand “life sucks, but we’re gonna get through this together.” And that’s on a regular day, when life doesn’t really suck, but now it does and we’re without our support group and I just miss my guys. 

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