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'I Don't Do Business With Snake Mu'Fuckas' -Kevin Garnett, Hating Glen Taylor Even More After Backing Out Of A Deal When Flip Saunders Died

[The Athletic] - (When Garnett returned to Minnesota in 2015, a move brokered by Saunders, he had discussed his desire to one day join the ownership group succeeding Taylor and/or being a key decision-maker in the franchise. When Saunders passed away, Taylor charted a course forward and hired Tom Thibodeau to take over the franchise, which Garnett felt was going back on the plans he and Saunders had discussed. League rules prevented Taylor from having ownership discussions with Garnett while he was a player.)

Glen knows where I’m at, I’m not entertaining it. First of all, it’s not genuine. Two, he’s getting pressure from a lot of fans and, I guess, the community there. Glen and I had an understanding before Flip died, and when Flip died, that understanding went with Flip. For that, I won’t forgive Glen. I won’t forgive him for that. I thought he was a straight up person, straight up business man, and when Flip died, everything went with him.

 I don’t do business with snake mu’fuckas. I try not to do business with openly snakes or people who are snake-like.

Kevin Garnett vs Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor is one of the most heated, hatred-fueled rivalries in the NBA. Kevin Garnett FUCKING HATES Glen Taylor. It's hard to blame him too. Garnett is the best player in Wolves history. It ain't even close. Garnett said this about Taylor once on live TV: 


Somehow his jersey isn't retried in Minnesota! What could you possible be waiting for? The man is the only successful player you've had before you just sent him to Boston. He's in the Hall of Fame! Shit, even the Celtics are retiring his jersey. You can't have them beating you to retiring number 5/21. 

But this? This move?!? You don't come off like a bigger scumbag than backing out of a deal after your coach dies because of cancer. That's not a reason to back out of a deal. You be a man and live up to the deal or just call Kevin Garnett about it honestly. Not only did that happen, but you bring in Tom Thibodeau to essentially take over the portion of the deal that Garnett was supposed to have! Thibodeau! He's not even with the damn franchise anymore. What do you think helps your team more and helps with fans? Thibodeau or KG? 

I don't blame KG for fucking hating Taylor too. What's he supposed to do? Just be okay with it? We know we're talking about Kevin Garnett here, right? The man loves speaking what's on his mind and isn't afraid to say whatever the hell he wants. I do love the line of I don’t do business with snake mu’fuckas.

I'd actually love to see KG as an owner/front office guy in Minnesota. I was never a huge KG fan (team Duncan with ease plus the whole Celtics thing) but give me a guy like him for content reasons. He'd be hilarious if his team is sucking and starts calling shit out. He'd start a fight with another front office team for no reason whatsoever. I'm here for that.