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I've Had A Premonition That Football Will Start On Time And Nobody Better Fuck With It So Help Me God

WSD and I had a sit down with the Mayor of Chicago yesterday, Lori Lightfoot. She had us in to promote the united Chicago Sports campaign to encourage everyone to remain inside while we all try to flatten this curve. Messages from the Sky, Bulls, Cubs, Sox, Hawks, Fire and....The Chicago Bears. That last one bothered me. Struck a nerve. The Bears aren't supposed to be playing. I don't need to hear from them right now since they're not supposed to play until September. Don't lump them in with the other sports. But that is where we are. 

Then I woke up this morning and had a sense of calm. A premonition came to over. I can't explain it because I am not a scientist, but something about reading news from Jeff Passan about MLB starting up, hockey games in North Dakota, and Hard Knocks featuring both LA teams gave me hope. Things are bad right now, but maybe there is starting to be a semblance of hope. A light at the end of the tunnel. 

Which is why I am saying to you, people of Chicago, do NOT fuck with this vision I have right now. We need football. We can make due without the other sports(mostly because the Hawks and Bulls stink) but if you decide to go outside and see friends and that costs us Fall sundays at Soldier Field and College Football Saturdays then you should go to jail. Don't take away the hope because you tried to do something stupid like leave your house or go to the lake. FUCK that. Stay inside. Save your nanas. Save your hospital staff. Save your football

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