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In The Market For An Apocalypse Bunker? Here Is What 2 Million Bucks Will Get You

It is full panic mode these days. Everyone hoarding toilet paper and food and masks. This is just a tiny taste of an end days scenario. We've seen the term "essential business" thrown around a lot lately and now, luxury bunker real estate is apparently now in that mix. Open for business and business is BOOMING

(NY Post)--Real estate salesman Robert Vicino is literally sitting pretty when it comes to his business — selling underground bunkers from the Black Hills of South Dakota to a remote underground city in Rothenstein, Germany. Unlike the millennial owner of a Manhattan startup who had to pull the plug on his luxe, mask-free spa last week, Vicino says business is booming in what survivalists call the “bug-out” business.

His company, Vivos, also sells bunkers in Indiana and is planning new bunkers in Asia and Marbella, Spain. He said sales are up 400% this year although his cheaper properties (35,000 euros for a big bunker in South Dakota) are selling faster than the 2 million euros, five-star Vivos Europa One underground apartments carved into a German mountain, part of a facility originally used by the Soviets to store munitions in case they invaded western Europe.

The video asks, "where would you go with three days notice?" and this guy wants you to choose Indiana and South Dakota. Rural places, underground where you can live for at least a year. Fully stocked. Electricity, plumbing, laundry, and the shared ones even have a jail because that is definitely going to be needed. Which brings me to my point. If you put down for a cheaper option you are an absolute moron. You can spend roughly $38k/person to live in one of the cheaper community options which also look kind of nice

But that detention center says everything. People are going to absolutely lose their minds living in these things. 100 people in an underground shelter in the middle of nowhere Kansas sounds like a Twilight Zone episode that quickly turns into Lord Of The Flies 2020. No fucking thanks. Everyone down there is going to be in hell and it'll collapse into chaos. If I am going to die, I am going to do it on my feet, above ground, via the original apocalypse that sent people underground to begin with. If we are dying in an apocalypse give me a front row seat. These shelter people can have their slow death by musky basement smell, stale farts, and astronaut food

PS: Bill Gates has the market cornered on bunkers I guess