Gronk Suprises A Single Mom With A Furniture Delivery (He Was Also Named Comeback Player Of The Year)

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Awesome video. It’s been pretty cool to see the maturation process with Gronk, he’s the first player I’ve ever been old enough to really remember following that with. The last time the Pats were in this position he was constantly getting ripped by the old guard for partying or having fun, people even making outrageous claims that a few beers lead to an on-field freak injury or a surgical infection. But now he’s a media darling. He’s the lovable every man (which is what we said all along) who also does things no one’s ever seen on a football field. Granted, he’s the same guy he always was and is doing the same things in the community he’s always done, but now it’s videos like this every outlet plays rather than him having a good time with his friends. Just cool to see.




PS – The homework bit was INCREDIBLE.



And as for the Comeback Player of the Year award? Biggest no brainer ever. Had a legitimate case for Comeback and MVP.


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