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Alibaba Co-Founder, Nets Owner And PLL Investor Joe Tsai Has The Wettest Behind-The-Back Shot In All Of The Land

Has anybody ever seen Joe Tsai and Connor Fields together at the same time? Because besides the bank account, I don't see a single difference. 

Both are great at leaning into their defender before creating separation, strong on their feet, not afraid to engage contact, and both are just aggressively wet when going behind-the-back. Again, if it weren't for the fact that one of them was a billionaire who is a co-founder of Alibaba, owns the Brooklyn Nets and have I mentioned yet that he's a billionaire? Like the one with a B. 

So the bank account is money and so is the shot. Still, though, everybody can always get better. There's always room for improvement. So I'd be willing to break quarantine if Joe Tsai wanted a little bit of one-on-one training. What's a reasonable price to train a billionaire? I'd be fine with just settling on a thousand dollars per hour. You can't put a price on laxin' it up with the boys, and I bet he can't even break change for a $1000 bill anyway. Just something to think about, Joe. I know you're reading.