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Deadspin Implies That Lou Merloni Is A Racist Asshole Who Doesn't Care About Black Lives Because He Was Pissed About the Anarchists Yesterday








So last night Sweet Lou Merloni was freaking out about an article Deadspin wrote about him. So I checked it out to see what all the hubub was about..  Umm yeah I’d be fucking ripshit if I was Lou Merloni too. Basically he made a harmless joke that the entire city of Boston was making and they post a headline that makes it seem like he is a lunatic racist asshole. Are you shitting me deadspin? Is this what you guys have become now? Just taking potshots and cheapshots? Lou should take his bat and crack this kids head open and make scrambled eggs with his brain for doing that. (They’ll probably call the cops on me for that sentence) I’m exaggerating Lou. You can’t really bash this kid’s head in with a baseball bat for those keeping score at home.


Here is the kid bragging about it and defending himself in the comment section.











This kid is the worst! THE WORST!  Oh Lou came at you hard on twitter? Gee is it because you pulled a random tweet and made him look like a racist asshole? Could that be it?  Now he’s a tough guy for trying to defend himself?  What fucking planet do you live on?  Also it looks like Deadspin doesn’t even let their writers write their own shit. This kid summed it up perfectly. He’s a copyright editor masquerading as a writer. (Barstool has no editors by the way. For better or for worse everything you see from every guy is from them)

And then how about this kid being too scared to go on WEEI?  So let me get this straight.  You trash Lou. You make it seem like he hates black people. You make it seem like he was serious about carrying a weapon in his trunk. You basically drag his name through the mud and then you don’t even have the ballsack to defend your comments.  You tuck your little balls betwween you legs and say no?  PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention the fact you don’t even have your facts straight about the anarchists. It wasn’t a Black Lives Matter protest.  Why do people keep saying that? But hey when you’re saying a guy is a racist asshole who doesn’t care about black lives don’t let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

PS – Here is a shocker. This kid writes for Deadspin and the Globe.