Tracy Morgan Tells 'Today' Show That He's Gotten His Wife Pregnant Three Times In Three Weeks During Quarantine

Thank god we didn't lose Tracy Morgan in that car accident man. What a loss that would've been. He's just a boulder of comedy that keeps rolling along crushing everything in its path regardless of what's going on. He's also exactly the guy we need going on shows like the 'Today' show to bring a little levity to the situation because everything is horrible right now. Everything you see on TV or read on Twitter tells you how terrible the world is right now and how it's gonna get even more terrible before it gets better. It's exhausting. And I get that we're in the middle of one of the darkest times in world history, everyone gets it trust me, but that doesn't mean Tracy Morgan can't appear on my television talking about how he's gotten his wife pregnant three times in three weeks and that he role plays as a scientist who found the cure for coronavirus. I would argue we need laughs like that more than ever. So thank god for Tracy Morgan.

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