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Matthew McConaughey Hosted Virtual Bingo for a Seniors Home as His Relentless Pursuit of Human Perfection Continues

YouTube - Matthew McConaughey and his family couldn't leave their home during quarantine to visit a local senior living facility, but they did the next best thing – they hosted a virtual bingo game for the residents there. "As Matthew would say, let's turn this red light into a green light," the Texas senior living facility said. 

Just to cover all our bases here, that last line is in reference to this:


I'm a big believer that times of trouble like we are now in help reveal our true selves. In fact, exaggerated versions of ourselves. If you're wired to live in fear and paranoia, you will be more more fearful and paranoid. If it's your nature to be a helper, you'll help more. If you're me, you'll sit around the house more and eat and drink more. And if you're one of the world's most unique personalities and being generally awesome comes naturally to you, you'll be unique and even more awesome. 

If there's a tiny downside in this gesture, it's that it was totally wasted on the wrong people. Which is not to say the seniors didn't appreciate it, but I'd bet my kid's tuition that not one of them knew who they had calling their Bingo. Assisted living facilities aren't exactly a hotbed of his target demo of Lulu Lemon-clad MILFs and former Texas Longhorns cheerleaders. I'm guessing there's not a one among these silver-haired residents of Round Rock Senior Living who owns the director's cut of "Dazed and Confused" or has "Reign of Fire" on their DVR marked "Save Until I Delete." And we can be sure these ladies ever saw "Magic Mike" because their hearts wouldn't have survived it. So having McConaghey call their Bingo is like the time a friend of mine was somebody's plus-one to go backstage at an AC/DC concert, and he didn't know one song because he's more of a showtunes guy. Sometimes life can be unfair like that. 

Still, it's a great gesture and another of those small kindnesses that will help until that red light turns green. Here's hoping next time someone can line up Dick Van Dyke or Betty White for these folks so they can get the most out of the experience.