The Most Famous Sex Teacher Of Them All Is Back Banging Everybody And Getting Arrested Again


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FoxA former Davis County teacher has been arrested again for sexual misconduct with a minor after more allegations recently surfaced….the new alleged sexual offenses with an underage teen boy happened while 35-year-old Brianne Altice was out on bail awaiting trial for previous felony sex charges.” Altice was previously arrested for misconduct with a minor, posted bail, then was arrested again for the same behavior. Guess what happened next? She posted bail! Once again, from Fox13:“Altice posted the $10,000 bail after she was arrested Wednesday for alleged sex crimes with a 17-year-old boy, one of three alleged victims.”Her previous charges include “rape, forcible sodomy, and forcible sexual abuse.”


This story has been going on for so long I’m kind of lost on it to be honest. Jerry was blogging about her in 2013. She was 2014 Sex Teacher Starting lineup. I guess she’s back in the news? I’ve totally lost track of how many times she’s been in jail, out on bail, fucked a kid, got arrested, goes back in jail, gets out on bail, fucks a new kid etc. It’s like a never ending circle. I think I can speak for Jerry when I say she’s the greatest sex teacher scandal of all time. All she does is fuck students, get arrested, get out on bail and fuck more students and she’s always fresh to death in the court room.  It’s a teacher sex scandal perfect storm.