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Stop Hassling The Protesters Guys....She Has To Get To The Hospital! Who Would Ever Block People Trying To Get To The Hospital?









FYI it’s also a confirmed fact that the majority of people involved in today’s protests were also part of Occupy Boston.  Nicole Sullivan.  Dreadlock Guy. Purple Protester    A 4th girl Monica Majewksi I freaking talked about in 2007 when she was arrested during Red Sox riots and I correctly predicted she would be a drain on society.   Ian Trefethen was part of the “Radical Student Union” at Umass and protested Coca Cola because of human rights abuse.  Unfortunately what sometimes gets lost in my verbose language is I’m 1,000% right about this.   People need to stop saying this had anything to do with Ferguson.   These are people who live to protest.  All anarchists.  That’s why they won’t meet with the Mayor.  There is nothing he or anybody can do to satisfy these people.  They hate rules and laws and society in general.   How am I the only one mentioning this?