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Two People Died, and 3 People Hospitalized in China After Trying To Get A Cellphone a Woman Dropped in a Cesspool

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Shanghaist - A man and his mother died and three more were injured in a cesspool in Henan province after the man’s wife accidentally dropped her “expensive” cellphone into a toilet. The woman had dropped the 2,000 yuan ($320) cellphone in a open-pit toilet, reported local newspaper Dahe Daily. Her husband jumped in to try to find the cellphone but was overcome by the fumes and lost consciousness. His mother went into the cesspit to try to help her son, but also fainted. In panic, the wife and her father-in-law followed immediately, but suffered similar fates, caused by the overpowering fumes. Two neighbors then entered the tank and became ill as well. “The smell was too strong. I lost consciousness before I could see anything,” SCMP cited a neighbor as saying. Other villagers found a rope and tied it on rescuers who, while taking turns, pulled six people out of the pit. The husband and mother-in-law died in hospital while the woman and a neighbor remained in the intensive care unit. The father-in-law was also injured.

Holy cow. What a story. First, terribly sad that two people died here, but it’s too crazy of a story to let slip by. Plus, my first day on the job I was told we can blog about people who die as long as it’s some foreign country, so it’s all good. Just as a rule of thumb, if your phone falls into a cesspool, be like Elsa and just let it go. You don’t need to dive in after that shit. No need to be a hero. Some phones just aren’t meant to be saved. Cut your losses and move on. It really shows how obsessed we are with our phones though. It’s sometimes more worth it to dive into an ocean of diarrhea than to go get a new phone. What’s even more amazing is they died because it smelled too bad? Is that right? The fumes literally killed them? I thought for sure they would have drowned or something, but nope, cause of death was breathing. But what else can you do, nobody wants to go get a new phone. That is such a hassle. And then when you get the new phone, you need a phone to activate the phone. It’s naners. That’s why they dove in after it, they couldn’t fathom 3-5 business days without playing 2048 and refreshing Twitter nonstop.