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An Ironman Champion Lost A Virtual Race Because Her Idiot Husband Tripped Over The Cord And Unplugged It Mid-Race


Look at this big dumb idiot! This is straight out of a shitty network sitcom where the husband is always aloof and breaking things while trying to fix it. 

I'm shocked this is the first time we've heard of this happening with everyone going to these virtual events. Seems like something someone would do during the 2k league when down 40 or the NASCAR race. Just getting pissed off that you hit the wrong button or you're down 30. Just quit the game by 'accidentally' having the plug become undone. 

Difference here is in this event this is a typical Ironman champ and was in 2nd. Feels like she has every right to be pissed at her husband. You can't be out here doing a virtual Ironman race only to have to stop halfway through because of your significant other. That's way too much exercise and effort for a plug just to be undone. 

You know she's just putting on an act here for the pictures and social media. She 100% lost her shit the moment that camera turned off. She's just walking around blaming him for everything, reminding him of tripping and pulling the plug. Life is rough in quarantine as is, life is even rougher when you're the significant other of an ironman champ and you trip over the plug causing her to lose a virtual race. T's and P's to the idiot husband.