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Wake Up With MLB Players Getting Gunned Down At First From Right Field

One of the rarer plays in baseball, it's such a rush seeing a guy get thrown out at first from the outfield. As you can see, most of these happen when pitchers at-bat. They slap it into right, most of the time the right fielders are playing way in and they are itching to gun it to first. These guys are basically dead in the water, just watch Jose Bautista go balls to the wall to get to that ball that barely lands fair and chucks it to first. It's like a tidal wave, you can see it coming, but there isn't much you can do. Smitty got me with one of these in our MLB The Show league game a few weeks back, it's as embarrassing in video games as it is in real life. And shout out Sean Casey for getting thrown out from LEFT field after thinking the third baseman caught that ball, can't live that one down.