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I Was THIS Close To Getting My First Warzone Victory Last Night.

Just kidding I fucking suck at this game. The good news is that the clip above was the low point of my playing career. Literally nowhere to go but up. I have been putting in 4+ hours a day at this between multiplayer and Warzone. I have been getting better I think and I understand the game and the map much better. I'm not sure if tonight is the night but the only way to find out is to tune in and be apart of history. Also we got our twitch channel changed to  which is much easier than it was before. I will be live for the next few hours so drop in and help me get better or tell me how much I suck like everyone else 

Watch live video from pardonmytake on

PS - We will should have Coach Duggs streaming by the end of this week and conversations have been had about PFT instructing Peleton classes all on our channel so FOLLOW THE ACCOUNT