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Jay Cutler And Kristin Cav Have Been Stuck In Turks And Caicos For 22 Days Now

We did our All-Chicago Quarantine House last week and somehow, someway, nobody picked Jay Cutler. MAJOR oversight on our part. You know why...Jay Cutler doesn't give a fuck about anything. He doesn't seem to get stressed. He doesn't talk to much. Kind of funny. If you are going to stuck, there are worse people to be stuck with than Jay Cutler. Oh permanent vacation with your wife's hairdresser, his boyfriend, and your three small children...a lot of men would crack under those circumstances. Jay...

He's doing what he does best which is not caring about anything. Can't even be bothered to take more than one instagram picture. Kristin Cav is out there hustling, promoting her business, getting those likes, doing those give aways

Does Jay give any fucks?

Jay is just down there letting his hair do the talking and getting brown as a berry. Sheltering in place. Peeing in the ocean

Talking to his volleyball

He's a walking life is good tshirt. Never been more jealous. Can't imagine a better place to be quarantined indefinitely if you have the financial means to make it happen. He's in his own world. Doesn't even know that Mayor Lori Lightfoot hates his guts.