In Honor Of National Student-Athlete Day, Here's A Throwback To The Life Of An NCAA Student Athlete

Happy National Student-Athlete Day! Although this trending holiday day is pretty much cancelled, we can still celebrate the hard work and challenges these students have faced everyday through this video. Just in case you didn't watch March Madness last year, this was the commercial I made fun of.

Myles took the words out of my mouth. This definitely isn't the life of a student athlete. You're telling me they really don't eat a single meal? They sleep with shirts on? They have to go to the public library rather than having a private room to study? How unrealistic can the NCAA make this? 

This was my first viral video and one of my favorites to make! With the help of some people from Ohio State who reached out to help, we were able to make this my first video to reach 1 million views! Besides sleeping with those 2 girls, the coolest thing that happened from this was getting a follow from Terrence Ross on Instagram. I would always play with him in 2K because his athletic ratings were unreal and could dunk on anyone. So that was quite a surprise. 

It's pretty crazy to think today would've been the national championship game. Until things are back to normal, all we can do is play NCAA Basketball 10 on the 360 and watch YouTube highlights of all the championships ever played. The Gordon Hayward shot is still the craziest ending I have ever seen. Just imagine if that went in. Until next year March Madness, hopefully.