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Remember that Pizza Delivery Guy From Yesterday Who Got Hassled By The Used Car Place In Westport? Well He Has A Gofund Me Page And He’s Killing It







Gofundme – If you go and watch this video, you will see Jarrid was just doing his job delivering a pizza. The guys at the used car lot decided it would be funny to give Jarrid, a hard-working pizza delivery person, a hard time. After being paid and clarifying the remainder was a tip, Jarrid went on his way. Then after he left, the car lot called the manager at the pizza shop and made Jarrid go return what he was told was a tip. I believe Jarrid should be rewarded for dealing with such crappy people. Please watch the video and donate. Even if it is $1, it will make up (maybe a little) for him having to deal with idiots like this.

Thank you,


So this guy is gonna make 1500 bucks at a minimum for this? Thing will probably blow up way past that amount too. He’ll probably be making more than Hank in no time. I mean people are acting this was the 68 year old bus lady who got heckled to death. I still don’t think video was nearly as bad as everybody is making it out to be. He wasn’t even around when they started really bashing him.  He was gone by then.  But hey good for him I guess? If strangers are willing to give you money for no reason than so be it. In fact this should be a new business idea. Stage situations like these and then set up gofund me pages.  If idiots are willing to donate to this that means they’re pretty much willing to donate to anything. It’s actually a brillian…SHUT UP DAVE! YOU’RE TALKING TOO MUCH!

PS – As a side note I think yesterday marked the 37th day a story appeared on Barstool and then 2.5 hours later was the feature story on Weird how that keeps working like that. 37 straight coincidence.

I mean the people getting bullied now are the Used Car place. Everybody just attacking the shit ouf of them.