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I Started Working Out Today

I don't wanna make some sappy post about struggling with my weight my whole life. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet and let my actions do the talking. I'm fat and it's no ones fault but my own. For years and years I've eaten like shit and have rarely worked out. The formula for losing weight isn't rocket science. Eat healthier/less and exercise and you will lose weight simple as that. So that's exactly what I'm going to do. 

I'm gonna be posting my workouts in a time-lapse everyday here and on twitter. I tried going live but the WiFi at my parents house is too shitty. 

Todays workout was:

100 reverse lunges

90 leg lifts (each leg)

80 gluten bridges

70 squats

60 curtsy lunges

50 step-ups

40 calf raises

30 burpees

20 sumo squats

10 plyo jumps