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Paige VanZant is Quarantining Tastefully Naked on Instagram with Her Husband

In the words of Seinfeld when he was dating a nudist and she was doing housework naked, "There's the Good Naked, and then there's the Bad Naked." Under ordinary conditions, I'd classify naked gardening, cooking, baking and workouts as the latter.

But we are living in the furthest thing from ordinary circumstances. So when a Paige VanZant chooses to live her days in naught but her skin and post the results in carefully staged PG-13 photos on the Gram, I don't think any of us can object. Instead I think we can put her in that category of celebrities who are trying to boost our morale through positivity and responsible social interaction. It sends the hopeful message that life goes on. We are not stuck in our homes, we are safe in our homes. And that we all need to focus on the simple joys that life still provides every day. I suppose it makes it harder to sneeze or cough into your sleeve like they say we're supposed to, but I'm not her to pick nits.  Instead I'm here to say thank you, on behalf of a grateful nation. 

Let's celebrate. 

P.S. Notice the carefully structured headline? Saving the mention of her husband until the end helps increase the pageviews. Including him brings in the readers who want to see him too. I'm all about the clicks AND the inclusivity. That's the Old Balls Difference.