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Wanna Get Angry? Take A Look At This Guy Showing Off His $2300 Outfit

I'm not breaking any news here that stories that incite anger/unhappiness/horror bring in better ratings for news networks than stories of joy and hope. For whatever reason, we are wired to not look away from the car crash....but instead look towards it. So, taking a page out of the news medias playbook, we are going to get angry in this blog because why the hell not.

This fella Gianpaolo Di Risio went on TikTok to show off his sick new outfit that costs over **gasps** $2000. It is a trend on TikTok to show off how much your outfit costs. Oh, what's that? Do you hate this generation? Oh, that's too bad, sounds like you're turning into your parents, who hated your generation. Anyways, back to GianPAOlo!

Gianpaolo (great name, it almost sounds fake) showed us what everything cost...down to his underwear:

This guy having a $343 Gucci belt was probably the most predictable thing about his outfit. I mean it's almost 4x his jeans. Tell me how that makes any sense. You knew it was coming, though. I mean the kids name is Gianpaolo and he lives in New York. You think he wasn't breaking out an over the top expensive Gucci or Louis V belt ?

And, of course, THE SHOES:

You may be thinking at this point, "mommy and daddy definitely paid for this outfit from Gianpaolo." I don't blame you. I was going to make this joke multiple times while writing this blog. However, according to Gianpaolo's (I keep saying his name out loud as I write this blog) caption, it was he who paid for it:

No, the folks on TikTok did NOT like this outfit, either:

So, it's not just that you're getting old. This outfit just stunk. All around. 

That was your angry blog of the day. Hope you enjoyed. Back to quarantine.