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Oh You Thought Kurt Busch Was Lying About His Girl? Well How About This Video Of Her Being A Weapons Expert





This has been my favorite story since Clinton getting blowjobs and playing with cigar dildos in the oval office. Just an incredible testimony from Kurt Busch yesterday. The fact that he says she left the house in camo then came home later covered in blood like the chick from Gone Girl, and Kurt was just totally cool with it, is incredible. But you gonna watch that video and tell me she’s definitely not a psychopathic killer? I’ll give it to you that maybe she’s not getting phone calls from Obama to send her on these missions, but there’s absolutely a chance she’s going on them herself. Like a patriotic, West Texan Joan of Arc she gets visions from Uncle Sam and the dude from Duck Dynasty sending her out to the Mexican border every night to just snipe people. 100% positive that could be a reality and while we’re all laughing Kurt Busch is the only one telling the truth.