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No City In The World Disinfects With As Much Steeze As Philly Does

You ever wonder how Philly is always able to stay so clean? It's because the sanitation department is the best on the planet bar none. What other city in the world is able to get volunteer work like this done? I know there have been videos of entire armies in China looking like Stormtroopers and spraying down entire cities. But the job of about 500 men is getting accomplished here by just one hero ripping through the city on his bike. 

I know some folks out there might think that the kids buzzing through the city doing wheelies in the middle of the street might be a bit of a nuisance. But when they're out there keeping our streets clean and helping us win the war on coronavirus? The Wheelie Boyz have earned every inch of the road. If we can just clone a few more versions of Dr. Fauci and the Wheelie Boyz, we'll beat the shit out of this virus within a couple of weeks.