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REPORT: When The NHL Resumes Play It Could Be In North Dakota

If you're desperate for a scenario where the NHL is able to resume play and give us memories and playoff montages then apparently our sad eyes fall on....North Dakota

(Elliotte Friedmann)--NHL and NHLPA are beginning to spitball scenarios as to where remaining 2019-20 regular-season/playoff games could be held.

One location that’s been mentioned: North Dakota.

An absolutely PERFECT location to host a playoff tournament of some kind. North Dakota has two things...One: The Ralph

A rink so spectacular you are left with a thought of "why the fuck is there a rink like this in North Dakota". It's the House That Toews Built. Brick facade, marble flooring, luxury boxes and seating for 11,000+ people…who won't be there. Which brings us to the next point. In addition to such a phenomal barn, North Dakota also doesn't have that one major hurdle every other potential site has to overcome…people. You simply test anyone prior to going to North Dakota. Nobody with a positive test is allowed in. The rest of the guys get to play in the playoffs starting in July in the middle of nowhere and away we go. There are no bad ideas right now and sending maybe the Western Conference to Grand Forks to play their games and then maybe putting the Eastern Conference at some remote place on Prince Edward Island that also has a QMJHL team…that sounds like a win to my dumb brain. No travel. No corona. No fans. Just a 8 teams at each site, games every day, and sports on TV. Whatever it takes to get me playoff hockey, I am in.