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Former North Carolina Football Player Creates The Best App Since "Just The Tip"

So I know this guy from my days at UNC. He is one of the most hilarious people of all time. He's a straight up clown. Everyone knows him and everyone loves him. When I tell people I went to Carolina, six out of ten will ask me if I know Tommy Hatton. He's one of the most famous, not-famous people I've ever met. And if that wasn't enough, somehow this idiot is now on the cutting edge of sports technology. 

His app is basically a way for players to learn the playbook on their iPads. Its gotta be the most obvious idea ever, but still—somehow—no one thought of it. No one did it. It just makes you think how many glaringly obvious million dollar ideas are right under our noses while we choose to instead use our time finding plot holes in Nate's tentpole franchise, "Models in Quarantine." 

"Just The Tip" was my ticket to riches but that got squashed by the powers at be before I even got it off the ground. One week into product development the guy who invented Napster was trying to become my partner (in the business sense). Seriously, the guy who invented Napster wanted to go into business with me, Caleb Pressley. We had a meeting at a WeWork in Midtown and he told me that just my idea alone could be worth more than a million dollars. Anyway, needless to say, the Tip got shut down before I could even get it in. And now, fast forward two years, there is an app for tipping the service industry called "Just The Tip." It's literally just pound for pound my idea. They even had the audacity to reach out to me to see if I would help them promote it. And now I'm mad about it but low-key helping them just by mentioning it here. I am the loser of this situation no matter how you stack it up. 


Anyway, shoutout to my boy Tommy Hatton. Never let them kill your dream.